A small loan, but only in the amount, dedicated to  Evolution card holders. We are talking about the Mini Loan that allows you to obtain a loan of up to 3 thousand euros. To request it can also subject without paychecks but who have a demonstrable income.

A trip, a purchase or a project for the family: Poste Italiane gives the opportunity to customers to realize their dreams. Once the loan has been approved, the amount requested through Mini BancoPosta Loan will be available directly on your  Evolution card. The request must be presented at any post office, even on Saturday mornings. Users will be able to find qualified person at their disposal.

The characteristics of the Mini Loan 

The amounts that can be requested with the Mini  Loan are three: 1,000 euros, 2,000 euros and 3,000 euros. The repayment term is equivalent to 22 months. But let’s also see who can apply for this form of financing. Mini BancoPosta Loan can be requested if you hold a Postepay Evolution Card , you are between 18 and 76 years of age at the end of repayment, you live in Italy and you have a demonstrable work income / pension produced in Italy.

To request Mini Loan you must present the following documentation: valid identity document, health card and income document. The fact that this type of funding is also provided to those who do not have a paycheck does not mean, therefore, that it is granted even without having a demonstrable salary or income. For foreign citizens are also required: passport in addition to any other presented identity document, residence permit or valid residence permit, document certifying that you have resided in Italy for at least 12 months (if you are an employee) or at least 36 months (if self-employed), documentation attesting that you work for at least 12 continuous months with the same employer.

The duration of the loan is fixed: 22 months. The repayment of the installments is monthly and takes place via direct debit on your Evolution card or on your Current Account.

Mini Loan: the table

Mini Loan: the table

The three ranges of amounts that a customer can request are those indicated in the table. The fact that the repayment lasts 22 months allows to keep the installment light: the amount is included, in fact, between 50 and 150 euros. The Taeg is around 10-14 percent and therefore corresponds to the average.

1,000 euros 22 months from 50 euros 1,100 euros 100 euros
2,000 euros 22 months from 100 euros 2,200 euros 200 euros
3,000 euros 22 months from 150 euros 3,300 euros 300 euros


Those who choose the BancoPosta mini loan can also decide to pay off the contract early. In this circumstance, the customer will be released from the payment of related charges. It is possible, however, to pay off the loan that we requested only after the end of the withdrawal period, ie starting from the fourteenth day from the loan disbursement date. To settle the contract early, simply go to any post office authorized to service.

The right of rethinking is granted to the customer of Poste Italiane. Also in this case, as for the termination of the contract, it is necessary to wait for the fourteenth day following the one in which the loan has been issued.

Special Cash Loan for those without a paycheck

Special Cash Loan for those without a paycheck

The Special Cash loan is the ideal solution for those who want to obtain financing through the recharge of their card or Evolution card. This form of financing allows you to make purchases in complete freedom, choosing from three different charging plans available. It is also aimed at those who are not in possession of a paycheck but it is necessary that there is still a document that certifies an income or an income. In addition, the amount requested and approved will be available to the customer in a few days on the card. There are also three methods of reimbursement: the options vary according to the needs.

These are the three charging plans available

Let’s imagine we want to request a loan of 750 euros: the duration of the loan will be equal to 15 months. The amount will be disbursed via Credit on Postepay Card, also named Evolution. The reimbursement, instead, on current account,bank account or postal order.

If we request an amount of 1,000 euros, the duration will be 20 months. The credit will also be given on Postepay Card named Evolution, while the debit through BancoPosta current account, PostePay Evolution, bank account or postal order. If the requested loan is instead of 1500 euros, then, the loan will last two years, equal to 24 months.

The requisites for requesting and obtaining a SpecialCash loan are: be holders of Postepay nominative and rechargeable card. Furthermore, the client must be between the ages of 18 and 70 at the time of the request. Requesting SpecialCash  is easy. Simply fill out a form at the counter and present the following documentation:

  • Health insurance card
  • Income statement document

For foreign citizens are also required:

    • Passport in addition to any other presented identity document
    • Residence card or residence permit valid
    • Document attesting that you have resided in Italy for at least 12 months (if you are an employee) or at least 36 months (if you are self-employed)
    • Documentation certifying that you work for at least 12 continuous months with the same employer
      Based on the different characteristics of the applicant, additional documentation may be required compared to the one listed here.

SpecialCash is a loan that allows you to get up to 1,500 euros credited directly to your Postepay or PostePay Evolution.

The repayment of the installments is monthly and takes place in the following ways:

  • by paying fixed installments directly charged to your postal or bank account;
  • by paying postal bills sent free of charge to your home address.
    through the payment of fixed installments directly charged to your Postepay Evolution Card.

The costs for the payment of postal bills are charged to the customer. The cost is that established by the current tariffs.


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